Meet Brittany Morrow – The Roadrash Queen

When Brittany was 20 years old, she was involved in a life-threatening accident as a passenger on a motorcycle. She wrote a first-hand account of her experience on the first anniversary of the crash. Brittany’s story went viral and has since been re-published on over 200 occasions. Due to the overwhelming response to her experience, Brittany has dedicated her life to inspiring others to push beyond pain and fear to live a courageous life full of adventure. 


Brittany partnered with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation in 2008 to create a web based campaign, Rock the Gear, urging all riders to consider the habitual use of motorcycle safety apparel. She received three Grants from the National Agenda for Motorcycle Safety in direct response to her efforts.

In May 2021, Brittany launched Look For Riders during motorcycle awareness month. The campaign focuses on educating both riders and drivers on the scientific reason why riders are harder to see on the road. The solution lies in harnessing the power of human connection, requiring a grassroots effort on the part of riders, as well as a willingness to learn techniques to be better seen on the road.

Since 2008, Brittany has created a community surrounding her story of surviving after devastating injuries to conquer fear and pain, and become an example for others to follow. She has become a household name in the motorcycling community and has amassed many accomplishments over the 16 years since her injuries.

Rider and Racer

Brittany purchased her first motorcycle just 9 months after her life-changing accident. She took several motorcycle training courses, including an introduction to racing, in her first year as a rider.

Brittany’s first motorcycle was a 2006 Yamaha R6S, which she still owns today. She converted “Breezy” to a full track/race bike after 12 years on the street. Brittany currently holds her racing license with the AMA sanctioned racing organization in her hometown of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Brittany’s current street rides:
-2009 Triumph Street Triple R 675 – “Buzz”
-2019 Can-Am Ryker Rally 900 – “Blitz”
-2020 KTM SMC-R 690 – “Zeus”

She documents her riding adventures on YouTube and in her personal blog.

Professional Motorcycle Instructor

In 2009, Brittany became an MSF RiderCoach and is certified to facilitate the Basic RiderCourse, Experienced RiderCourse (BRC2), the Advanced RiderCourse and the Military Sportbike RiderCourse. She trained riders at military bases in Southern California full time and served as site administrator at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach through 2014.  In 2016, Brittany was certified as an Instructor for Total Control Training and facilitated the CMSP Motorcycle Training Course in the state of California through 2017.

Brittany currently offers private motorcycle training in Albuquerque, NM, and travels the world as a professional rider and safety expert.

Event Leadership

Brittany was the National Director of the Women’s Sportbike Rally from 2016-2020. She managed the two 3-day events each year, one in California and the other in Tennessee. The organization catered to women sportbike riders every year in multiple locatoins across the USA for 15 years until retirement in 2020.

Launching in September 2021, the Revvolution Rally is the culmination of Brittany’s experience running the WSR with a dedicated support staff. This event will reflect the natural evolution of three women’s efforts to expand the world of WSR into an inclusive community of women on all bikes who yearn for exploration, connection, good food and great roads.

Brittany was also the event manager of the annual Zach Buob Memorial Weekend Fundraiser and served alongside Zach’s family from 2015 – 2019.

In addition to managing these annual events, Brittany has been a workshop facilitator for countless motorcycle events across the planet.

Motivational Keynote Speaker

Brittany was on staff with the International Motorcycle Shows (now AIMExpo) as special guest speaker for the 2010-2011 season. She has also presented her story at over 40 motorcycle safety quorums, conferences, expos, rallies, military safety stand-downs, and events for over 12 years.

Brittany is recognized as an International Keynote Speaker for her participation in the annual Shiny Side Up Bike Fest Tour in New Zealand. 

Author, Photographer and Filmographer

Brittany’s content creation ranges from motivational storytelling to travel features, from product reviews to how-to guides, and from community stories to event coverage. She is a contributor to WomanRider, WebBikeWorld, BestBeginnnerMotorcycles, WomenRidersNow and the Russ Brown Motorcycle Attorneys Blog, as well as creating content for her own personal blog, BeeBehindBars.

Brittany previously served as staff writer for Modern Moto Magazine, a bi-monthly motorcycle fashion-focused periodical geared towards women, and Sportbikes Inc. Magazine. She has made published contributions to SuperStreetbike Magazine, RoadBike Magazine, Roadrunner Magazine, Backroads Magazine, Magazine, and


Brittany coordinated and managed the Annual Zach Buob Memorial Weekend Fundraiser to benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation and San Jose Community College. She has worked alongside the Buob family to bring awareness to the devastating effects of road rage from 2015 – 2019.

Brittany created the Survivor Project in 2012. She raised money for donation to breast cancer survivor charities by planning a 4700 mile solo ride through 12 states in 12 days. During the tour, she revisited her crash site and finished the route that nearly ended her life seven years earlier. She successfully completed her journey while promoting awareness and documenting her travels on her blog.

Other fundraising projects Brittany has worked on include creating a handmade RIDE ribbon fundraiser for Breast Cancer Research and participating in the Conga III and IV, an annual fundraising ride/rally organized by the late (and dearly missed) Flo Fuhr.

Major Accomplishments

  • Author of Viral Article “Extreme Roadrash”
  • Published Print+Digital Motorsports Journalist
  • Motorcycle Safety Presenter
  • Dealernews Magazine Special Edition Cover
  • Founder of Rock the Gear
  • Motorcycle Safety Apparel Expert
  • Motorcycle Safety Foundation RiderCoach
  • Guest Editor for Roadbike Magazine
  • Creator of Viral Video “How to Avoid Skinning Yourself Alive”
  • International Motorcycle Shows Special Presenter
  • Charity Fundraising Organizer 
  • Survivor Ride Project Creator
  • US Military Motorcycle Safety Instructor
  • Brand Specialist for ICON Motosports
  • Captain of All-Women 24-Hour Endurance Racing Team
  • Internationally Renowned Keynote Speaker
  • Participant in the Sister’s Centennial Ride
  • Women’s Sportbike Rally Director
  • Revved-Up Women Inaugural Event Workshop Presenter and Fashion Show Coordinator
  • Winner of America’s Moto Rally, Advanced Division
  • Total Control Instructor
  • 2017 Graduation Commencement Address Speaker
  • Four-Time Presenter with Shiny Side Up Tour / New Zealand
  • AMA Sanctioned Racing License Holder
  • Secretary and Treasurer of AMA Sanctioned Racing Organization
  • 2020 Suffragists Ride Route Leader

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